Server Rules and FAQ.

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Server Rules and FAQ.

Post by Sed on Thu May 11, 2017 12:29 pm

Here you will find the server rules of the server and find key fact information about the server and so on.

Rules of the Server.

- No glitching. This rule is simple.

- No Taking last base. This is so the game doesn't end to soon. In order to keep it fair this rule is in place.

FAQ. How long will the server be up for?
Answer: As long as I see fit. When my computer breaks, it will be down. Maybe for good. I have no set time of keeping the server up so I don't know.

is the map rotation set to random order?
Answer: Nope. Map rotation is set to an actual rotation. Good maps can be requested. Though I cant please everyone but I will do my best.

is the server paid for?
Answer: No it is not. The server is all ran from home using a core i5 machine.

Why can't I glitch?
Answer: Glitching is prohibited on most servers because it disrupts normal gameplay. This is a normal server so its not allowed.

Who runs the server A New Hope?
Answer: A guy name Panama who has been playing SWBF2 Online for about 5 years and does it as a hobby.

Where is the server located?
Answer: The server is located in Michigan.

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